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H. Pylori Treatment

H.Pylori attack the stomach lining producing an enzyme called urease. This enzyme makes the stomach acid less acidic and almost neutralizes its effect and the resulting in the weakening of the stomach lining. The stomach cells are at high risk of being hurt by pepsin which is a strong digestive fluid and weakens the stomach lining. This leads to soars and ulcers. H. Pylori tend to stick to the stomach cells and the stomach is unable to protect itself from these attacks. The area gets red and there is a swelling. The effect of H. pylori in the stomach makes it more acidic and health experts fail to understand the reason behind it.

The reason why H-Pylori shows no symptoms is because people having this infection have it for a long time maybe from birth and therefore grow resistance to its harmful effect. How H. pylori infects a person is yet unknown. It can happen through direct contact of the saliva, vomit or of fecal matter. Contaminated food could be another cause for acquiring the H. pylori bacterial infection.

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If you have been detected with the H. pylori bacterial infection, then trying out Pylopas will be helpful. Pylo-X contains pylopass™ which is a special strain of lactobacillus Reuteri, Isolated by advanced technology, because of its anti-H. Pylori characteristics. Clinical studies through the urease breath test reveal how using pylopass™ reduces the count of H.pylori stomach bacteria. This is a natural process and has no side effects. Pylo-X gradually causes permanent relief from the chronic symptomatic disease.

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