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What is Peptic Ulcer Disease?

When open soars develop inside the lining of the stomach and upper region of the small intestine then there is a high chance that you have peptic ulcer.
The most common symptom is burning stomach specially when the stomach is empty and the acids increase the stomach pain. Eating certain food relieves the pain as they help in reducing the acid also acid reducing medications provide temporary relief. The pain however returns and becomes quite severe after dinner. Many people however do not face these symptoms.

In severe cases symptoms are obvious

What are the consequences of the Peptic Ulcer disease?


Peptic ulcer disease blocks the food passage of the digestive tract making patients feel heavy with only little food intake, this too can be accompanied by vomiting, weight loss through swelling or scarring.

Peptic Ulcer Diseases

If you are facing severe pain in your stomach and can neither sit, stand or sleep then there is a high chance that you have developed peptic ulcer.

What is peptic ulcer and its types?

Peptic ulcer disease is an open soar that forms inside the stomach lining and the upper portion of the small intestine.

Gastric Ulcer that appears inside the stomach

Duodenal ulcers where the soar appears on the upper portion of the small intestine

How are peptic ulcers formed?

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The causes

The digestive tract is protected by a mucus layer that normally shields the inner layer of the stomach from acids. But if there is an imbalance, where the amount of mucus is less than the amount of acid then the stomach layer becomes vulnerable to ulcers.

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