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What is Pylo-x

PYLO-X Is a food supplement that contains a special l-Reuteri Potanted strain called Pylopass™ that has been shown evidences to help manage the presence of H. pylori in the stomach. Pylo-x also contains vitamin E which helps in healing the ulcer.

Pylopass helps to reduce the damage caused by the H.Pylori stomach bacteria on the stomach lining. H.Pylori weakens the stomach lining causing the cells to become highly vulnerable and damaged by pepsin, a strong digestive fluid that effectively destroys the stomach lining. As this happens, soars and ulcers form inside the inner coating of the stomach. H Pylori can stick to the stomach cells and the stomach cannot get rid of this bacterium. The lining inside the stomach suffers continuous attacks as the area where H Pylori colonizes tends to get red with swelling. Though H Pylori neutralizes stomach acids, yet it has been observed that the stomach health becomes more acidic with the aggression of H Pylori. This is something that scientists find confusing.

Lactobacillus reuteri present in Pylo-x reduces the Helicobacter pylori load in H. pylori positive patient. In experiments conducted by scientists, it was seen how lactobacillus reuteri showed signs of suppressing the H. pylori infection and the improvement in the gastrointestinal tract was evident. A large fraction of the population suffers from the H. pylori infection particularly in developing countries. There are a lot of challenges in its involved and endeavors towards eradication as the bacteria has shown a  high prevalence, increasing resistance, diversity of strains, together with high risk of recurring infections making test-and-treat potentially more harmful than beneficial.

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What makes this product special?

Being a food supplement, PYLO-X contains a special l-ReuteriPotanted strain called Pylopass™.  There are scientific reasons to support that Pylopass™ manages the presence of H. pylori in the stomach. Pylo-x also contains palm vitamin E which helps in healing the ulcer.

Vitamin E has proven antioxidant property. Vitamin E supplemented diet prevents the formation of gastric ulcer and also promotes in the healing of ethanol induced gastric lesions. Vitamin E in combination with ranitidine promotes in the healing of ethanol induced gastric lesions. The rate of healing is faster in the presence of Vitamin E. Numerous studies have indicated that probiotics can be used for handling gastric ulcer. The administration of Lactobacillus ranitidine accelerated ulcer healing.

PYLO-X binds H. pylori bacteria inactivates it by disturbing its normal microbial balance in the human organism. In addition of alpha-tocopherol, an antioxidant that is isolated and produced by biotechnological processes, helps heal the gastric lesions. It is a unique and innovative solution that has no side effects. Containing Pylopass™ it combines alpha-tocopherol for faster gastric lesion healing, it does not contribute to bacterial resistance. It is not impacted by antibiotics. Being affordable, quick and long lasting, it can neutralize the formation of stomach lesions.

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Daily dose

It is recommended to take one capsule by mouth twice a day, morning, and evening after the consumption of food. Depending on the severity of symptoms, one should take it for two to four weeks. After that it’s recommended to continue with one capsule daily after the main meal for 4-6 months as maintenance. PYLO-X is a unique and innovation in the management of H. pylori infection.

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