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Pylopass H.Pylori

Helicobacter pylori are leading cause for chronic gastritis. People with this symptom are likely to develop peptic ulcer and in worst cases gastric cancer. The antibiotic therapy for H.Pylori fails to achieve success in different cases. This happens because the chronic form of the disease increases resistance to antibodies.

Lactobacillus reuteri has been found to reduce the Helicobacter pylori load in H.Pylori positive patients in an experiment conducted over 28 days using the supplement. There were trends towards reduction of the H. pylori load and no side effects were also cited in the study. The results revealed that lactobacillus reuteri has the potential to suppress the H.Pylori infection and also may lead to a complete improvement of the gastrointestinal symptoms shown due to the existence of H.Pylori.

Almost 50% of the global population has gastric symptoms and among them 20% advance to a more severe stages of the disease. H.Pylori infection varies from region. It affects few people in the developed countries and occurs more commonly in Africa, south America, Asia and East Europe.

The scientifically tested Pylopass can manage the presence of H.Pylori stomach bacteria and reduce it effectively. Pylopass contains in its food supplements a special strain L-Reuteri Patented, that has been proven by scientific study reduces the effect of H.Pylori. While probiotics cater to general gut health, Pylopass™ specifically binds H.Pylori in the stomach. This nature of its activities in the gut, Pylopass™ does not bind or otherwise disturb the overall normal gut microbial balance. Being a natural product, they have no side effect and improve the stomach health with time.

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