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We understand that you may be interested in the healing power of PYLO-X, who wouldn’t be? It is made only from natural ingredients that help you from the excruciating pain of Gastric ulcers and rid your stomach from H.Pylori infection. Save yourself from severe nights’ of pain and repeated visits to the doctor with PYLO-X.
Just to remind you, this is a perfectly safe product that has the naturally occurring Lactobacillus reuteri called Pylopass, a lactic acid bacterium which has proven to be effective against the Helicobacter pylori infections. This product also contains Vitamin E which prevents the formation of Gastric Ulcer and promotes in the healing of ethanol-induced gastric lesions. A combination of both components is extremely suited for gastric ulcer treatment. With no side effect, this effective food supplement can be purchased from us directly.

All you need to do is place your order and your pack will be delivered to you seamlessly. We ensure safety and end-to-end delivery.

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$29.99 - $24.99


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Try out our supplement & enjoy the healthiest life.